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    • A: ① Firstly off the power, check if the power supply is accord to the description on the datasheet, and check if the wire connection is all right.
      ② If wire connection is right, test sensor’s work current, and compare the value on the datasheet, if two value difference is big, means the sensor is damaged.
      ④ Replace another inclinometer to check if other communication wire is right
      ⑤ Check other communication parameter is right, i.e. baud rate, address, output mode and so on.

    • A: If it is first time to use the inclinometer, please make sure:
      ① The wire is connected in the right way
      ② Replace another inclinometer to check if other communication wires are in good state.
      ③ At the same time, if the sensor is without angle output, check if the baud rate parameter set is all right, i.e. baud rate, address, output mode. If all is no problems, please check host PC and communication tool is all right.
      If the problems happen when it is worked for some time, or after replacing another inclinometer, the above problem is settled, please contact us for further check.

    • A: Bump or around interference will lead to switching on / off angle info is changed.
      Please confirm if the above condition exists, if not and after the test, the sensor still alarms in mistake, please contact us.

    • A: The digital compass should be calibrated before use, it is called hard iron compensation. once hard iron environment around the compass is changed, the around magnetic field is also changed. At the same time, the compass's output angle is not correct. In order to remove this kind influence, calibration should be done.

    • A: Firstly check if the power supply is stable, supply voltage fluctuation will lead to output jitter, especially for DC 5V supply.
      For digital output inclinometer, normally it is with filter parameter set, the parameter is relevant response frequency, greater the filter parameter, more stable of the output and lower response frequency. The user can set it according to needs.

    • A: For inclinometer with a 5V operation voltage do not have reverse protection and overvoltage protection .please read carefully the datasheet and provide the right supply voltage and make sure the right wires connections in case any damage of wrong operations.

    • A: Please make sure connect the wires correctly after according to the cable mark.
      For different output type, need chose appropriate communication transfer tools, and set some basic communication parameter such as Series Port, Baud rate, data bit, stop bit, etc. for some products need to send special start command or read angle command, the content and format of the command please refer to the datasheet.

    • A: First please check the mounting .the wrong mounting will cause wrong abnormal output.
      In generally speaking, Biaxial inclinometers are horizontally mounted, single axis inclinometers are vertically mounted. Please refer to the datasheet and mount correctly.


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