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  • 1-Axis Analog Inclinometer for PV Solar Tracking
  • 1-Axis Analog Inclinometer for PV Solar Tracking
    1-Axis Analog Inclinometer for PV Solar Tracking
    P/N ZCT160J-LHS-77
    Axis single axis
    Non-linearity ±0.5°
    Power supply 12~30V
    Total range +-60°
    Output 0~10V
    IP Grade IP67

    Technical paramaters

    (Unless otherwise specified,the following are all the typ under the environment of 25°room tempreture)              


     1.Operation parameters.

    parameter condition Min value Typ value Max value unit
    power voltage   12   30 V(DC)
    Static operating current Vcc=24V no-load   30 40 mA
    Output impedance     200   Ω
    Operating temperature   -40   +85

     2. Performance indicators:

    parameter condition Min value  Typ value  Max value  unit
    measure range     ±60   °
     Zero output voltage Angle is0° 4.95 5 5.05 V
     Zero temperature drift -40+85   ±2.50 ±4.17 mV/℃
     Sensitivity   81.33    83.33    85.33 mV/°
     Sensitivity temperature drift -40+85   0.8 3 %
     Non – linearity (1   Room temperature   0.3 0.5 %/FS
     Cable length  The total length 1.9 2.0 2.1 m

    Remark 1Analog linearity range 5%~95%Analog accuracy =Non – linearity*Range.


    3.Inputoutput Characteristic curve                                                           



    Voltageangle transfer:         




    Vout — output voltage

    Offset — Zero output voltage

    Sensitivity — Sensitivity


    4. the direction of measurement                                                            



     5. the module installation size and Connection definition       



    definition 12~30V(DC) GND X axis output
    Wire line color brown black blue

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