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  • ZC Sensor and Siemens New Project Cooperation – CT Platform Tilt Sensors
  • ZC Sensor and Siemens New Project Cooperation – CT Platform Tilt Sensors
    Post time: 06-29-2018

    Five people from Siemens who are from department of procurement, R&D, quality, testing, etc.  performed the latest CT project acceptance test communication meeting in Shanghai Zhichuan on 15th March, 2018. Siemens as a Fortune 500 company with Leading position in high-end medical CT equipment. Issued a pass from the German headquarters, Developed new CT platform which can meet the needs of the world market.



    Through three and a half years of joint efforts by Siemens Tilt Components Group and Zhichuan Technology, this project has finally completed the final step of product testing today. During the meeting, Siemens staff members stated that seeking truth from facts is the most important basis for cooperation as partners for mutual cooperation. When faced with a problem, we must solve the problem positively. The cooperation between the parties must be transparent. Another alternative supplier experienced major quality defects because it did not solve customer feedback in a timely manner. As a result, the Siemens CT project not only lost human and material resources, but also affected Siemens’ brand reputation.



    The ZCT145KR-LQS-AH-6207 Single Axis Inclinometer for the new Siemens CT project, With stable performance, it can monitor the running status of mechanical equipment in real time, can be widely used in medical and industrial machinery. As a customer with more than seven years of cooperation, Zhichuan did not receive a quality complaint from Siemens in the last three years. Therefore, the newly developed X-ray tilt sensor defeated a brand supplier of the same sensor from Germany. Obtained approval of Siemens new cooperation project , Since 2010, as a stable supplier of Siemens, Zhichuan Technology has further deepened the trust of both parties in the cooperation of this project. Since its founding in 2002, Zhichuan Technology has always adhered to the principle of seeking truth from facts, rigorous and pragmatic work style. This successful cooperation with Siemens Medical’s new CT project. Explains that Zhichuan Technology has gained domestic and international recognition not only in product quality but also in brand service.



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